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Woods & Wayside International, Inc. ("WWI") is a non-profit organization that conducts scientific research, policy analysis, education, and strategic communications to support more accountable decision-making processes related to forests, especially in Indonesia, Brazil, and the United States. WWI’s activities are organized under three thematic programs:
    1.    Financial institutions and forest industries;
    2.    Human well-being and ecosystem protection in vulnerable landscapes
    3.    Ecological literacy and cultural resilience

Recent Publications:
OK-Mill-Report-imageWill Asia Pulp & Paper default on its “zero deforestation” commitment?
An assessment of wood supply and plantation risk for PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills’ mega-scale project in South Sumatra, Indonesia
; April 20, 2016 (English)

Akankah Asia Pulp & Paper mengingkari komitmen “zero deforestation”?
Penilaian terhadap pasokan bahan baku kayu dan risiko dalam pembangunan hutan tanaman terkait mega-proyek PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills di Sumatera Selatan
; April 20, 2016 (Bahasa Indonesia)